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Baltic and International collaboration

WIDEN – the Baltic law firm

WIDEN is a full service Baltic law firm of more than 100 legal professionals with offices in all Baltic capitals. In our practice, we focus on quality and client experience. 

Why is the Baltic perspective relevant?

For business purposes, many of our international clients view the Baltic region as a single territory. In practice, the Baltics – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – are three separate sovereign states of unique cultures and legal systems. This means a solution effective in one Baltic country may not necessarily be feasible across the entire region. So, if you wish to operate in all Baltic markets at once, you might need different legal solutions in parallel for the three different jurisdictions. 

The Baltic service-level

If you wish to develop and operate your business in all Baltic countries, then your business requires that legal questions are solved across the Baltics. In such a case, you need a legal partner like WIDEN, who would be capable and experienced in advising and working out solutions for your needs in all of the three unique local jurisdictions.

Our team at WIDEN has years of experience in advising international clients with entering the Baltic market, supporting them in their daily legal matters as well as complex business development initiatives from mergers & acquisitions, regulatory analyses to complex dispute resolutions and competition law.

If you require a service-level where you see the Baltics as a single business territory and need a partner with a single Baltic team that is able to advise you in all three unique jurisdictions of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, then we welcome you to work with us!

WIDEN – further international collaboration

International alliances and networks

Beyond our Baltic work, we are experienced in translating the meaning of differences of global legal systems to our local clients. 

We actively collaborate with international networks and alliances. These global connections allow us to provide reliable legal support for our clients across various jurisdictions, making sure that cross-border legal matters are handled with confidence and ease. Such collaboration means that we stay in tune with the legal trends worldwide and offer the most up to date and effective legal solutions, whatever the needs of our clients may be.

International Bar Association

WIDEN is an active member of the International Bar Association. We take part in all the annual meetings and have been doing so for decades. The International Bar Association, established in 1947, is an organisation that unites international legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies. It comprises more than 80,000 international legal experts from most of the world’s leading law firms, some 190 bar associations and law societies spanning more than 170 countries.


WIDEN is a proud member of Meritas – a global alliance of leading independent market-leading law firms offering a full range of legal services, founded in 1990. It comprises more than 8775 legal experts that offer exceptional legal knowledge, personal attention, and proven value to clients worldwide. Meritas collects peer-driven reviews for each referral and has done so for more than 30 years, thus ensuring quality and client satisfaction.

Andersen Global

WIDEN is a collaborating firm at Andersen Global. Andersen Global, established in 2013, is an association of independent law firms, uniting more than 14 000 professionals and establishing a presence in more than 170 countries worldwide. The member and collaborating firms of Andersen Global encompass top advisors with extensive experience in various industries, allowing them to provide clients with comprehensive, integrated solutions globally.


WIDEN is a member of TELFA. Trans-European Law Firms Alliance (TELFA), founded in 1989, unites member firms that serve clients doing business across the jurisdictions of Europe. Comprising more than 1 000 lawyers throughout Europe and having established an affiliation with USLAW, the network is one of the strongest alliances for cross-border assistance.

GBL Alliance 

WIDEN Lithuania is a member of the GBL Alliance. The Global Business Lawyers (“GBL”) Alliance is an international network of independent law firms that includes over 1000 lawyers in 54 jurisdictions. The network comprises carefully selected independent firms with local expertise and international experience.

International Fraud Group

WIDEN Estonia is a member at the International Fraud Group, established in 1997, and unites more than 40 firms in 53 jurisdictions that have succeeded in recovering hundreds of millions of euros. The global network grants access to the best investigators, forensic accountants, IT experts, industry experts and communication specialists in every jurisdiction.


WIDEN Estonia is a member of Unilaw, an alliance established in 1970, that is an international network of independent law firms across Europe, Asia and beyond. With an outstanding law firm carefully selected from each jurisdiction, the network offers national expertise throughout Europe and Japan, uniting legal experts from more than 30 countries.


WIDEN Latvia is a member of the ASSOCIATION OF EUROPEAN ATTORNEYS/ AEA INTERNATIONAL LAWYERS NETWORK created in January 2004. It has an European origin but has expanded all over the world. The headquarters are located in Berlin. The AEA has offices in the majority of the independent countries of the world and are the largest network of lawyers in the world in what relates to the number of offices and number of countries covered. The AEA has 1.027 offices in 150 countries with a total of around 12.000 Lawyers.