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successfully concluded Client's damages recovery proceeding
March 31, 2023

The Senate of the Republic of Latvia refused to initiate cassation proceedings, thus leaving in force the judgment of the Civil division of the Riga Regional Court by which the claim regarding the recovery of loses caused to the real estate of the Client of WIDEN has been satisfied.

In the judgement, the Riga Regional Court found that the reasoning included in the judgement of the lower court is correct and complete, thus agreeing with the argumentation set forth by the lower instance court. The court has noted that whether or not the damage has been rectified is not decisive and accordingly neither is the fact of proof of rectification having been submitted or not, since the fact that the alleged situation has actually been restored by the injured party making the corresponding financial investments, is not decisive and cannot lead to waving the offender’s civil liability or the obligation to compensate for damages.

Taking into account and in accordance with the decision of the Senate of the Republic of Latvia, at the beginning of 2023 the judgement of the Civil Division of the Riga Regional Court, favorable to the Client of WIDEN, entered into force. Moreover the debtor has already commenced voluntary enforcement of the judgement.

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