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We are well positioned to assist clients within the automotive sector, including manufacturers of various parts, suppliers, dealers and related entities. With an in-depth understanding of the unique regulatory, transactional and dispute challenges within the sector, we offer legal solutions that align with business objectives.

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Drawing from our various legal practices, we address a spectrum of automotive legal needs, from contractual arrangements and intellectual property protection to compliance with regional standards.

Recognising the transformative shifts in the automotive space, from electric vehicles to autonomous driving technologies, we remain updated on the relevant legal developments to ensure the most favourable circumstances for our clients.

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Automotive Law

Our team’s comprehensive expertise, combined with a proactive approach, ensures that our clients in the automotive sector operate within an advantageous legal framework that allows to mitigate risks and capitalise on opportunities in the Baltic region.

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Urmas Ustavv
Urmas Ustav
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Armands Rasa
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Anna-Evgeniya Petrova
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