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In today’s dynamic and international business climate, having a clear, well-informed strategic direction is more than just an advantage; it’s a necessity. At the heart of our Strategic Advisory practice lies a commitment to understanding the nuances of your business, goals and markets you operate in.

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With a strong footing in the Baltics, our reach extends globally through our collaborative ties with law and tax advisors in over 200 countries. This perspective, coupled with our regional expertise, ensures that we provide globally informed and locally relevant advice.

Our approach is to offer clear, concise, and actionable advice, grounded in legal expertise, to ensure that your strategic decisions are legally sound and aligned with your business objectives.

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Strategic Advisory

Whether you’re contemplating a new venture, evaluating an international opportunity, or refining your existing operations, our team stands ready to guide you. Our emphasis is not solely on mitigating risks but on unlocking opportunities.

Our Team
Urmas Ustavv
Urmas Ustav
Anna-Evgeniya Petrova
Anna-Evgeniya Petrova
Brita Kärt Vähejaus
Mantas Mikalopas
Ruta Globyte
Rūta Globytė
Associate Partner
Tomas Bagdanskis
Tomas Bagdanskis
Managing Partner
Dziuginta Balciune
Džiuginta Balčiūnė

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