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WIDEN advised Ready Player Me in entry into partnership agreements
5 gruodžio, 2023

Virtual world enthusiasts can rejoice as Ready Player Me development brings a unique innovation to all gamers. The metaverse is an online virtual space where people can interact, play, and work together. In other words, metaverse is a 3D digital world where people come together and use avatars to represent themselves. From now on, users can add additional accessories from the world’s big names to their avatars.

Ready Player Me as one of the most prominent examples

One of the best-known metaverse companies in Estonia is Ready Player Me, which provides a platform for computer program developers and users to create avatars. A person logs on to the Ready Player Me platform, takes a picture of their face, and receives a virtual avatar of him or herself. Avatars are created using photorealistic 3D technology, reflecting the person’s facial features and appearance as accurately as possible. Users can personalise their avatars by adding clothing, accessories, and other gadgets. The avatars created can be used on thousands of different platforms and sites, allowing players to experience the virtual world in a more realistic and personalised way. The Ready Player Me platform is hugely popular and raised $56 million in Series B funding last year.

Collaboration agreements with the world’s big names

We are honoured that Ready Player Me is our client, as we recently helped them with a large-scale project – Ready Player Me signed partnerships with some of the world’s biggest names, such as Warner Music Group, Bravado under Universal Music Group, Rovio’s Angry Birds, McLaren Racing, and the operator of ITV’s The Voice. We drafted the necessary contracts and assisted them in the negotiations.

As a result of the new partnerships, gamers will now have the opportunity to buy new virtual items, accessories, skins, and other exciting things these companies offer to accompany their avatars. For example, a virtual t-shirt with the McLaren logo, an Angry Birds bird avatar, a virtual blouse with the Universal Music artist logo, and more. The collaboration with these well-known brands aims to promote the personalisation of avatars and increase revenues for the platforms.

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