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In supporting the hospitality and recreation sector, we provide our clients with legal expertise in all essential matters. WIDEN offers tailored legal solutions designed to address the unique challenges of this industry, enabling our clients to concentrate on their core operations with assurance.

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Our legal services span a broad spectrum of areas vital to businesses in the hospitality and recreation industry. This includes guidance on real estate transactions, regulatory compliance, labour laws, planning, etc. Our expertise in managing extensive projects, from developing new hospitality properties to revamping existing recreational facilities, positions us as a dependable legal partner in this sector.

We prioritise a client-focused approach, striving to comprehend and align with their business objectives. This philosophy has garnered client appreciation and solidified our role as a trusted legal advisor in the sector. We are committed to guiding our clients in the hospitality and recreation sector towards sustainable growth and development through providing them with a strong partner in legal matters.

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Hospitality and Recreation

Our goal is to provide legal services that fulfils and surpasses our hospitality and recreation sector clients’ expectations, aiding them in achieving their business goals efficiently and successfully.

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Urmas Ustav
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Anna-Evgeniya Petrova
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