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Our Environmental Law and Planning team possesses comprehensive knowledge across various environmental and planning legal areas. Understanding environmental policies and the requirements of the EU Green Deal is essential for businesses aiming to align with these standards. Compliance with these policies serves as a foundational aspect for developing modern organisations’ ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategies. We assist our clients in recognizing how adhering to environmental regulations not only positions them favourably in the market but also enhances their business operations, while reducing financial and reputational risks.

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Our experienced team of attorneys advise different clients ranging from individual citizens and environmental organisations to developers, manufacturers, waste management entities and local authorities.

Our mission is for our clients to succeed in their projects whether the outcome is directed at preservation or balanced development.

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Environmental Law and Planning

The goal of our environmental law and planning team is to offer personalised and practical solutions. We always seek to have a precise understanding of both legal stipulations and real-world implications. We understand the delicate balance between development objectives and ecological preservation

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Margus Reiland
Margus Reiland
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Andra Gulbe
Senior Lawyer
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Vilma Sabaliauskienė
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Tomas Janušauskis
Senior Associate
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Johanna Jürima
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Armin Heinsaar


WIDEN advised the sale of Dasos Capital Oy fund consisted of nearly 24 000 hectares of forest land

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Karoli Unus Kristi Sild
Attorney Karoli Unus and Partner Kristi Sild advised Dasos Capital Oy, an Europe...

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