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With our clients in the startups and scaleups sector, we focus on providing clear, effective legal support. Our expertise is rooted in the real-world challenges startups face in the Baltic region. We understand that new and scaling companies need more than just legal advice—they need practical solutions that align with their business models.

Expertise in Startups and Scaleups

Our team has a hands-on approach to counselling startups and scaleups. We work closely with founders and investors, offering guidance on legal aspects and communication that is clear and accessible.

Our experience spans a range of legal services vital for startups, including setting up corporate structures, managing shareholder relationships, and navigating the intricacies of capital raising. We also address intellectual property concerns, employment and migration issues, data protection, tax and regulatory compliance.

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Startups and Scaleups

Our clients list includes a diverse group of startups and investors. We’ve worked with companies at various stages of growth, from early-stage startups to more established scaleups. Our aim is always to provide pragmatic, actionable advice that helps these companies grow and succeed.

Our Team
Rauno Kinkarv
Rauno Kinkar
Lina Vaitiekuniene
Lina Šikšniutė-Vaitiekūnienė
Henri Ratnik
Henri Ratnik
Senior Associate
Rainer Ratnik
Rainer Ratnik
Dan-Erik Roosve
Dan-Erik Roosve
Ausra Brazauskienea
Aušra Brazauskienė

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