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At WIDEN, we offer specialised legal support to the infrastructure and utilities sector, focusing on delivering practical solutions and clear guidance. Our team has a strong understanding of the practical aspects involved in infrastructure projects and utility services, ensuring our clients receive informed and effective advice.

Expertise in Infrastructure and utilities

We assist clients in navigating the legal frameworks surrounding the development, financing and operation of infrastructure and utilities projects.

Our expertise includes advising on contractual arrangements, regulatory compliance and risk management, ensuring a solid foundation for each project’s success. Our specialisation covers a range of areas, from transportation and energy infrastructure to water supply, sewage networks and waste management systems.

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Infrastructure and utilities

Recognising the evolving nature of the infrastructure and utilities allows us to pre-emptively handle many complexities that arise from local and EU-level regulation and matters of project financing. We stay at the forefront of legal developments, ensuring our advice is not only comprehensive but also forward-looking. Our approach is always client-centric, focusing on delivering clear, actionable legal guidance that aligns with our clients’ business objectives and the specific demands of their projects.

Our Team
Karoli Unus
Karoli Unus
Marge Männiko
Managing Partner
Andra Gulbe
Andra Gulbe
Senior Lawyer
Jolanta Stonė
Egle Visinskiene
Eglė Višinskienė
Associate Partner
Egle Voveriene
Eglė Voverienė
Senior Associate

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