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The agriculture and food sector presents its own set of unique legal challenges. Our experts have developed a deep understanding of it, which allows them to provide clients with meticulous and forward-thinking legal support.

Expertise in Agriculture and Food Law

We deal with a wide array of issues, from agricultural land transactions to intricate food safety regulations. Our team is well acquainted with both regional and international standards that affect businesses in the Baltics.

We serve a diverse clientele, from small-scale family farms to large multinational corporations and we make sure that the legal guidance we offer addresses the individual concerns and operational needs of each client.

Service we provide

Agriculture and Food Law

Our goal as the providers of legal support is to offer cost-efficient pragmatic legal solutions that facilitate the growth and stability of businesses of our clients in the agriculture and food sector.

Our Team
Urmas Ustavv
Urmas Ustav
Anete Boze
Anete Bože
Santa Janickaite
Santa Janickienė
Senior Associate
Darius Paulikas
Darius Paulikas
Senior Associate
Anna-Evgeniya Petrova
Anna-Evgeniya Petrova
Brita Kärt Vähejaus

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