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Our public law team is experienced in addressing all matters concerning regulations, permits and administrative procedures.

Expertise in Public Law and Regulations

Our team of public law experts covers representation in court disputes and extends to hands-on consultations for various stakeholders, ranging from businesses and individuals to government bodies and local authorities.

Our team’s participation in legislative processes and our experience representing stakeholders testify to our passion for this field. Furthermore, our team has contributed to many scholarly publications, reflecting their thought leadership in this domain.

Service we provide

Public Law and Regulations

At the heart of our public law and regulations service is the belief in delivering concise, clear and timely legal counsel. Our objective is to equip our clients with the knowledge and strategies that best serve their interests and unique needs. We always seek to foster a proactive approach to ensure our clients are ahead of growing regulations.

Our Team
Armin Heinsaar
Armin Heinsaar
Margus Reiland
Margus Reiland
Juris Janums
Juris Janums
Senior Associate
Anete Boze
Anete Bože
Johanna Jurima
Johanna Jürima

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